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The Nationals, Duxford 2016  p2  p3  p4 p5 photos by John Paulding

The Nationals, Duxford 2012  p2  p3  p4 photos by John Paulding

The Nationals, Duxford 2011  p2  p3 photographs by John Paulding

The Nationals, Duxford 2010 six pictures by Neil Wharton

The Nationals, Duxford 2009 in Archive 2009 pages

The Nationals, Duxford 2008 

The Nationals, Duxford 2007

The Nationals, Duxford 2006

Our intrepid leaders in action

On Track Competition 2011 

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MAFVA at On Track 2011

Trucks 'n'Tracks 2009



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MAFVA Essex Gallery E10 1946
A recurring theme
2008 - Vehicles and crews The Show at Saumur more from John Murcutt of the Nationals 2008 have a look at this guy's stuff.  Excellent models , plus he has the same warped interests as me.  He has done the Wood gas generator 251 (Ausf C), the Pz 1 training tank with PzIII turret (and Holzgas), Panther with 37mm FlaK, and the 251 SP 105mm.  The last is a much better interpretation of the two photos than the resin conversion (that recently sold on ebay for 122!!!).


Shermans PzIV at Euromilitaire
Michael Prorok
AS-90     CHAR RV     SABRE
Centurions  more Centurions

battlefield armor (web link)

Tanks at Saumur

2 video's:  maxon mount on an M3 HT -  IPMS Nats 2007


Arcane Fighting Vehicles


Various vehicles (web link)

North Africa

French Tanks (web link)

War and Peace 2008

North-West Frontier Province, 1930s (web link)

M36 - more than one owner

Crossing the Rhine (web link)

M4A1 High Speed Tractor

An  88 at Saumur aircraft - but some awesome modelling
Pictures from the Korean War  including some shots of Centurions etc.
a Stug III in the Golan Heights
Panzer IV wreck in Israel 

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