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Saumur - model show at the Musée des Blindés









thanks to Spike for sending these in.

The focus of one is soft, but we felt the subject is too interesting to miss



Model Italian Rail Gun Pos'n.jpg (322960 bytes) Axis rail mounted AA unit
Model KV-1.jpg (477712 bytes) KV-1
Model LVT.jpg (405825 bytes) LVT
Model Sherman.jpg (330273 bytes) Winter Sherman
Model Soviet T-35.jpg (501354 bytes) T28 and OT 130
MODEL t-72.jpg (573866 bytes) T-72
Saumur Model_Zil_Radar.jpg (296259 bytes) Zil Radar





Fancy a holiday near the museum, but with plenty of other things to do?

the real tanks at Saumur