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Military Vehicle Sites

The links to these sites have been contributed by members of MAFVA.  Sites do go down, and links break, so please contact the contact the Site Editor  , if you 

  • see a problem with a link

  • have any more useful links

  • know any reason why a link is inappropriate


Larkspur plans of receivers, headgear etc)

Armoured Acorn

Canadian Register  

Chars et Blindes Francais

Danish Bedfords

Danish Armour 

ex-military Landrover Assoc.

French Vehicles



Modern Military Modelling

One 35th


Track Link

War Wheels

SdKfz 251  

Finnish AFVs


soviet material


New Arrivals at RE Museum, Chatham by David Payne

Link to a US Army site containing Tech Manuals - there is even a manual for the Kubelwagen!




Popskis Private Army

30 Assault Unit

Long Range desert Group 

North Irish Horse WW II Gerry Chester

Panzer ostwallturm images 

:21st Army Group strength returns

Mike Canaday Shermans/M4A3_dry

Reproduction tanks ()film props) 

Military vehicles of the Czech Republic

Pete Anrews site for 15th Army Group 

Captured Axis vehicles

beute.narod (captured

viriatus Portuguese vehicles used overseas 

Kellys Heroes Sherman by James Wechsler  in track-link





worldwar2. Romanian Forum 

worldwar2 Italian Forum 

current British army equipment  

National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Assoc 

Panzernet  index  


8th Irish Hussars images._transport1945. 

Brit WW1 tank Berlin 1945


Berlin 1945 photos inc BIV Wanze and Panther turm  image berlin