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Diary:  Please may we have more updates for  2017 and anything coming through for the future... 

May Big news!  At the AGM we agreed two major changes - new gmail email addresses for Officers (so they can send outgoing mail from them, unlike the old addresses), and a new MAFVA website.

The Officers page now has the new emails, but the old ones still work for now.  (They will go when we pull the plug on the old website.)

The new website is at, and is being populated with our content, so please bear it in mind if there is anything you can't find there yet.  (This older .net website will be kept running for a while during the handover period so you can still find all the old content.)  Click the link and have a rummage around!

One of the big features of the new website will be a "members area" where paid-up MAFVA members can log in to get at extra content.  You will also be able to resub, join up, and buy Tankettes via forms that link directly to Paypal.  But again please bear with us as we get it all up & running...

March The AGM agenda is now up on the Home page!
  At the AGM the only change of officers was Chairman - we welcome Paul Gandy to the hot seat!  Minutes of the full meeting will be posted when available.
February The MAFVA AGM will be held on 9 April at The Billet, Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1AX.  It will run from 10:30am to 1:30 pm (when the Centre closes).  See Home Page for link to directions PDF file.  The venue is also reachable by Tube from central London - the District Line station at Hornchurch is a 20min walk from the venue - but be advised to check the TfL website for any weekend line closures or strikes.

Agenda to be posted on the Home Page as soon as I get it!

December As the year comes to a close, your Webslinger has added a bucket-load of extra dates to the Diary page!  Here's hoping the fat guy in the red jammies brings you a ton of modelling goodies...
  And Paul's review of Tankette 51/6 is now up!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
  Oh, and just added our friends at the IPMS Modern British Armour SIG to the "Other Clubs" page of our Branches page!
November As we celebrate Bonfire Night and get ready for Remembrance Sunday, we also need to think about the AGM due early next year.  Our Secretary Annabel wishes to remind folks that nominations for the posts of:

Chairman, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Tankette Editor, Webmaster, and Publicity Officer

are due by 18 November.  If you wanted to step up to the plate and serve the Association, now's your chance! 

**UPDATE**  Official announcement can be found here.

October Well, the summer has slipped by in a blur!  Your humble Editor has been busy adding much-needed dates to the Diary, but if you know of any 2017 events (or have flyers for them!) please send them to the Webmaster email.
June Results and some photos of the Nationals are now available via the Nationals page!
  **FOUND AT NATIONALS**  Did you lose a pair of eyeglasses near the Matador Models stand in front of the stage in the main room on Sunday?  If so, please contact Harold at Matador Models to be re-united with them!  (He can be reached at

  22/6/2016 - The Nationals on Sunday were a great success, in your humble Webslinger's opinion!  The new venue is a marked improvement over canvas (even if it is a tad far from the hangars at DX!) and with a few tweaks it should shape up into a fine replacement for the old site.  Lots of friendly faces were there, and no doubt we'll get a full report soon.  If you were there you'll know what I mean, and if you weren't then you have next year to look forward to!
  Tiger Hobbies will be at the Nationals, with the latest Rye Field Models Berge-Tiger kit for inspection!
April Our Branches page has two new entries - Sheffield and Tayside.  Also, Glasgow now has an email address on it.  If your Branch wants to use a [branch]mafva(at) address, let your Webmaster know!  I can set them up for you, or if you create your own I can add it to the Branch page.
  We want you all to offer a warm welcome to Mike Hector, the newest member of the team, who has kindly volunteered to become our new FaceBook officer!  (John & Paul, you did fetch that shilling back out of his pint afterwards, right?...)
March The AGM took place on Sunday 13th, and the Minutes will be posted as soon as possible.  One positive bit of business to come from it was Annabel Eagle (from Northern Home Counties branch) volunteering to fill the vacant Secretary role - we accepted before she could come to her senses!  So please welcome our newest officer.
  Some news to note from the AGM:  It was decided that the Presidency would be an honorary post in future, appointed by the Committee for a two-year term to a Member who has truly served MAFVA over the years - nothing less could fill the void left behind by our departed Gary Williams.  Fortunately there was one such candidate in our midst - our first Honorary President is Paul Middleton!  His appointment was overwhelmingly supported due to his tireless efforts for MAFVA, as Liaison, with the Nationals, and generally.  Well done Paul!
  The Chairman's Report is now available on the Home page, as is his recent "State of MAFVA for 2015" article from Military Modelling magazine.  There is a new section for these MM columns on the Resources page.  The Minutes of the AGM will be posted as soon as they finish the usual rounds of approval/comments from the Officers who were present.
  One other thing to note from the AGM - we need a new FaceBook Officer.  Our fledgling FB page was taken down, so any new incumbent will need to start from scratch.  Any volunteers?
January 2016 AGM agenda link is now on the Home page - if you have anything to add to it, please send it to the Chairman to raise as "Any Other Business" at the meeting!
December It's almost Christmas again!  Hope Santa fills all your stockings with lots of plastic, resin, and photo-etched goodies!
  Updates have been added to the Tankette, Diary, and London Branch pages.  For anyone planning to visit the London folk, please take note of the new venue!
  Updates to the Nationals page have begun!  More to come as the show draws near...
November We welcome John Paulding to the new post of FaceBook Officer!  Jim Maher has stepped down from the more general Publicity Officer post - we all thank him for his efforts.  The Officer contacts page has been updated.
  Tiger Hobbies (reached at will be importing the new Rye Field Models 1:35 Tiger kits, and are offering discounts to MAFVA members!  The base kit RM-5001 "1/35 Tiger I Initial Production Early 1943 North African Front / Tunisia" RRP ?33.99 is available to Members at the MAFVA Price of ?29.99 inc Delivery.  RM-5002 "1/35 Workable Tracks for Tiger I Early Production", RRP ?16.99, are MAFVA Price ?14.99.  And the best combo of RM-5003 "1/35 Tiger I Early Production Full Interior" (RRP ?49.99) has a MAFVA Price of ?44.99  This combo includes RM-5001, Plus RM 5002, and extra parts for the full interior detail.  Get 'em while they are hot!
  Note the date & venue of the 2016 AGM on the Home Page!  Agenda to follow...
October Paul M offers another fine review of the latest Tankette!  Also there are new dates for the 2015 & 2016 Diaries.
August Paul Middleton provides a review of the latest Tankette (50/4).  Also, the Membership application form has been simplified to strip out the Back Issues ordering grid.  The grid is by definition always out of date, and has caused some recent confusion.  Besides, it makes the application form two pages long!  New applicants can still order Back Issues by sending a request to Neil, who will find out if we still have stocks and arrange payment.
June New venue for MAFVA Nationals show 2016!  See the Nationals page for details.

It is with deep regret that I announce to the MAFVA membership the death of MAFVA President Gary Williams.  Gary died suddenly on the morning of Monday 1 June 2015.  (note date correction)

Affectionately known as ?El Presidente? Gary was a founder member of MAFVA and was, by far, the longest serving committee member. Despite recent medical problems Gary carried on as Membership Secretary until recently handing over the reins.

Our thoughts today are with Heather and the legion of friends both in and outside MAFVA that will miss him.

  NOTE:  Competition classes have been changed - see the revised list on the Nationals page!
May There are updates to the Nats pages with current lists of Traders and Clubs, as well as the Competition timetable.  There is also an updated Tankette index.
  Added some new stuff to the Diary page, and tidied up the stuff that is finished.  Also added some RC tank clubs to the "Other Clubs" page under "Branches".
April Paul's review of the latest Tankette (50/2) is now up!  If you are reading this as a guest, why not join up and get our fine magazine?
  Following the AGM, there are now Minutes and a revised Constitution to look at!
  Also, note a slight change in Officers - the Development post has been deleted (no, not by the Cybermen!), and we now have a Publicity officer.  Let's all offer a warm welcome to Jim Maher in this new and important post!

As part of Jim's new drive to raise our profile we now have a MAFVA Facebook page for those who use FB - see the shiny new link on the Home page.

  The Officers now have "" email addresses that forward any incoming mail to them, so please feel free to use them as listed on the Officers page.
March Chester Branch has a new meeting venue!  Check out the revised page for details.
February The new ?16 annual rate has come into effect!  See the revised Membership form...
January CORRECTION!  REME Museum show is in march, not April!  (Diary page has been corrected...)
  2015!  Happy New (Modelling) Year to all...
  Added some 2015 Diary dates, but plenty more are as yet unconfirmed.  If you know of any not on the list, drop your friendly MAFVA Webmaster a line!
December Breaking news!  Paul M has sent an email confirming the 2015 Nationals as 21 June at IWM Duxford.  Same basic plan as before, but without the surrounding vehicle show this year, and the American Air Wing building is undergoing a reorganisation, so no opportunity to drool over the Blackbird this time...
  Paul's review of the latest Tankette (49/6) is up!
  Membership rates will rise in January to ?16 (UK/BFPO), ?24 (Eur), ?33 (RoW) for a 12-month subscription, but there is a deal running through January that offers 18 months for only ?20/?32/?45.50 - a saving of ?4 over the equivalent period for each category!  See the Membership page for details & contact the Membership Secretary.
  See our new Merchandise page for MAFVA Jubilee badges, calendars, and mugs!
Long standing MAFVA member Jason Lake has decided to put his feet up after many years of succesful business, so will cease trading at the end of the year. 
He is holding a massive sale at the shop for the whole of the month of December, so this is your chance to ensure you get the present YOU want at a very affordable price.
Details below:-
LSA Models
151 Sackville Road
East Sussex
 Tel: 01273 705420
For The Month of December
Massive Stock Clearance Sale
Up to 30% off all plastic kits in stock
Up to 50% off selected ranges
Such as
Aires-CMK Resins-MPM-Special Hobby
Eduard Etch - LSA Castings
Scale Aircraft Conv undercarriages
All resin /etch / barrels and accessories
Postage will be charged on all mail orders
New Releases and special orders will not be included in this offer, No products will be held in reserve for Customers without prior payment.
"Prices subject to change and at the discretion of LSA Models"
*Price discounts are not available on any new releases
So please help Jason out by lightening the load on his shelves!



Also, MAFVA is once again accepting Paypal payments!  Please use as the payee email address.



Also, the folks at Military Modelling are offering three issues for a single pound to new subscribers who quote their MAFVA membership numbers!  Follow this link:



The Plastic Soldier Company is also holding a Black Friday Sale! (sorry this is a little late - but there's still time to take advantage...)

25% off most products - ends midnight Saturday 29th November


Membership Secretary
All members please note that after life-long service to MAFVA, Gary Williams is stepping down as Membership Secretary.  He will, of course, remain our esteemed President!  All members will wish to join the Committee in thanking Gary for his tireless work on behalf of the Association.
The role of Membership secretary will now be taken over by Neil Wharton, so please send all enquiries for new members, subscriptions etc. to Neil at:
Neil Wharton
85 Alexander Avenue
Earl Shilton
Also please note that due to technical difficulties we cannot use Paypal till further notice.  Watch this space to hear when we have resolve dthe challenges.  In the meantime cheques and bnk transfer are welcome, or cash at shows.
Note date for the MAFVA AGM 2015 at Hemel Hempstead. To enable more members to attend, the AGM will take place in South Hertfordshire, with the possibility of different locations each year.
MAFVA AGM, British Legion Hall, Hemel Hempstead, Sunday March 15th (Mother's Day). gives a location and map. not far from M1/M25.
If you wish to attend, please notify Chris Lloyd-Staples on .
The usual MAFVAZONE will be in place at the On Track Show February 14th
August Things have been a tad "busy" of late, but I've just grabbed a few minutes to update the Tankette & Diary pages!  (Swapped the cover shot on the home page too...)  The site still needs a lot more doing to it (like updating our pics pages with the Nats etc), but that will have to wait til next month.
June I don't know where April & May went!  I turned around after OnTrack and suddenly it's Nationals time again...
  I've belatedly updated the Diary page, Joining forms, Nationals page, and added Paul M's review of 49/2.  Still heaps more to do, if I can find the time!  Still, hope to see everyone at Duxford.
March Click here for photos from On Track 2014, courtesy of Natalia!
  Updated Membership form, Flyer, and Back Issues lists.
  Paul M's review of Tankette 49/1 is up!
  ...and the Diary is still being updated to remove "gone" shows as their dates go by
February Added a brief Appreciation of John Church to the "Roll of Honour" (scroll down the "Officers" page), contributed by Dick Harley.  Sadly, John passed early this month.
  Trying something new on the Diary page - clearing out "past" events on a monthly basis, so the stuff at the top is the next show.  (I'm keeping the old listings tucked away for reference when I build the 2015 Diary though...)
  Minutes of the AGM are now up!  See the Home Page for the link...
January 2014
  Happy New Year!
  Lots of little updates to the Diary (Thanks Paul & everyone who sent stuff!) - it's shaping up to be a busy year show-wise.  Also lots of tweaking to the Branches & Other Clubs pages, but do email your friendly Webslinger with any new links or details.  The big overhaul of our Home page is still waiting for a good old dose of spare time, but it's coming...
December 2013
  After a brief hiatus, there are now lots of small changes!  Paul Middleton's reviews of Tankette issues 48/5 & 48/6 are up, there are revised forms for Joining and Back Issues, and a new version of the Promotional Flyer.
  Also of note are the extra Diary dates, as well as updates to the Nationals pages for 2014, including confirmed Clubs and Traders.  Keep an eye on these as they get fleshed out in the coming months!
  NOTE:  After the holidays there will be a big purge of old info from this Incoming page, as well as the 2013 Diary events and probably a lot of old stuff from the Home page too.  I may even finally get round to some new photo galleries - all long overdue!
October Been adding content to the Diary for late 2013 & 2014!
  Tankette reviews now up to 48/4.
  Membership forms and Tankette back-numbers lists have been updated, but always watch for updates on the back-numbers...
  (updates have been taking place over the past month or two, but only now got round to adding a note here - sorry!)
  Added reviews of Tankette issues 48/2 and 48/1.
  Added new items to Links, Diary, and Resources pages, and updated some Branches details
  Added new 2013 Constitution - a must-read for all MAFVA members!
  Added AGM Minutes - another worthwhile doc to read.
  Prices for "Little Willie" badges have been updated to account for postage costs.
  Added new Show at REME Museum (Berks) to Diary for April.
  Your website has a new webmaster - Tom Cromwell.  (But I don't swing above the crime-ridden streets of New York in a red & blue costume...)  Note that I've started to make a few updates, including adding our new Chairman (John Ham) and Development Officer (Gary Ross) to the Officers page, and adding our shiny new officer email addresses in place of the old personal ones.  Don't worry - any email traffic still gets through to your intended target!

Oh, and I've updated the diary page with news of upcoming shows, but any other diary dates will be gratefully received!

  AGM 2013 10th February - see agenda the show has moved - see here for details
Tankette - index has been updated: find those plans...
If you received a renewal notice with Tankette issue 47/6 please delay sending your payment until you receive a notice advising you of new payment arrangements.
New membership and renewal enquiries, including cheques should be sent to The Membership Secretary, MAFVA, c/o 6 Jevan Close, Cardiff, CF5 2RF, UK or email Enquiries regarding subscription and back issue payments via internet banking and Paypal should be sent to Please note the payment by credit card service is currently unavailable.
we shall be there in force.
See the latest Cambridge Branch newsletter - link on the Cambridge branch page 
New links, including to LSA Models
Gary Elmes sent this link to a PDF book by IPMS Stockholm on Braille scale modelling. "If you go to their site (link below) and hit the the "Braille Scale Modelling" link it should download a 16 page book. The link above it seemed to be broken. Yes it is in English!"

A new MAFVA branch in Warwickshire:  meeting on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 

Avon toys 77 Warwick St.  Leamington Spa - see branches pages

Mildenhall Model Club has moved - see Branches - other clubs
New dates in the diary page - thanks again to Paul M
New transport for the chairman?
Sunday 7th October  The South Wales Branch of the MAFVA will be holding an Open Afternoon with a display of members models at St. John's Church Hall, Rachel Close, Danescourt, Cardiff, CF5 2SH on Sunday 7th October 2012 between 1430 hrs and 1700 hrs. If any MAFVA members would like to bring along their models to display at our show please contact South Wales Branch Secretary Paul Gandy on 01443 208447,
 Tankette Back Issues - September list now available  - thanks again to Gary  
August You can now join, resub. or get back issues of Tankette using Paypal - contact Gary Williams for further details
latest Tankette, and an update to the Dragon Index
South Wales Branch of the MAFVA   Open Afternoon at St. John's Church Hall, Rachel Close, Danescourt, Cardiff, CF5 2SH on Sunday 7th October 2012 between 1430 hrs and 1700 hrs. If contacting Branch Secretary Paul Gandy please note his telephone number is 01443 208447 - there is a typo in Tankette, or e-mail 

Note that the telephone number for Paul is correct here - there is a typo in the announcement in Tankette

July Images of the 2012 Nats nd competition results posted at last
Cambridge Branch July newsletter posted
May Please read the constitution and John Ham's introduction
Tankette review 47/2
April More dates in the diary
Yet more 251s
Nationals - lists of traders and clubs correct as at April 30

Larkspur plans of receivers, headgear etc in Resources: military vehicle sites

March MAFVA at OnTrack  thanks to all who helped.  Go on from this page to look at pics of the rest of the show.
February See some beautiful new model pics - link on photo page
February 251 - a page of links and photos to the SdKfz 251 in all its forms
Latest Cambridge Branch newsletter uploaded, also a reminder that there is a full index of Tankette.  If anyone would be prepared to take on the task of keeping this up to date, please contact Bill Hanna or Paul Middleton some great pics from Nottingham MAFVA Open Day - also in the Nottingham Branch area on this site.
January See details of the Nottingham Open on the Branch Page
Tankette 44/6.  Some news for members in the US - see the US page for new subscription address - some fascinating images here
Newsletter from Dan Taylor Modelworks
August Latest Cambridge Branch newsletter uploaded
Chris of InsideTheArmour is thinking about setting up a new MAFVA branch in Bristol as he is unable to reach the branches in South Wales and elsewhere and thought other members might be in the area and interested.  If anyone is, please contact him.

Ian Daglish

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of recent Tankette contributor Ian Daglish two days after the plane crash in Manchester 29th July 2011. Ian was 59, a marketing professional with interests in fine wines, military history, wargaming and model making. He was intensely interested in the local history of his home village of Alderley Edge. He was also a prolific researcher and had written several books, primarily about the Normandy campaign of 1944.

More information about Ian can be seen on his website at which contains much which would interest members.

A genial man, always willing to share the fruits of his research, he will be missed by those who knew him within the Association and also for his input to Tankette. 


- Saturday, 25 February 2012 is happening.  Be there!

The 2011 show, at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, was a great success, not least because of the stalwart support of the MAFVA.  For pictures of the show and many of the usual suspects see below.  Anyone wishing to contact the organisers should e-mail 


For more information see 

The Nationals 2011

Photographs of the competition 

Competition details
Photographs from the 2011 Nationals will illustrate the whole site until 2012, thereafter will be archived.  2010 material is now archived and accessible through the photography page The spreadsheets of the 2011 Nationals- individual image have not been credited but where possible the entrance numbers will help.  Thanks again to John Paulding for the photographs.
Following the MAFVA Council meeting at Duxford Paul gandy has posted a photo report on his Blog.
Photographs and competition results from On Track
MAFVA2011Crest4.jpg (131213 bytes)  MAFVA2011Logo3.jpg (648541 bytes)  Splendid logo and crest re-drawn by Tim Neate - ideal for paperwork
Review of tankette 46/1, index of past issues updated
February Tankette Index updated
Info for Nationals updated

More details in the diary - keep them coming please!

Updates to the Tankette back issues and reviews come in regularly - not always flagged up here - it's well worth going straight to the Tankette page
Thanks to MAFVANs and others who are supporting the On Track show - a great list of traders an clubs now.
Check out a new website:
Covenanter Modelling Site is created by Ian Hanratty & Tony Ivey with the approval of Rob Haelterman, Al Magnus and Doug Chaltry of OTW (On The Way!). CMS will be a sister/companion site of OTW and will cover 1/76 scale modelling.
2011 Happy New Year 
November 10

Trucks ?n? Tracks 2011 has been cancelled by My Hobby Store, the new owners of the show.

To fill the void a show is being arranged for the Saturday -26th Feb

 On Track 

This venture is being supported by MAFVA.  Can you help?  Please contact  the organisers at 

If all of us email friends and contacts news will travel.  Trader support is impressive, but of course we need all the publicity we can get !


More dates in diary; latest Tankette review
Family members form

Date announced for The Nationals 2011

  Sunday June 19th (Father's Day) at Imperial War Museum Duxford in conjunction with the Military Vehicle Show.

More information to be posted later.  Contact Paul Middleton

Pictures of the London Show - see London Branch page
Nationals 2010 - winners
September  29th Latest Tankette  report; updated Back issues availability; 
S Wales Open Day - a successful first
The Nationals, Duxford 2010 six pictures by Neil Wharton
12th September - Help for Heroes event  - charity model show, Rugby
Write-up of the 2010 Nationals by Paul Middleton with images from the Nationals 2010 - also on Tankette page.  Thanks to Carl Dennis   
Images from the Nationals 2010 - throughout the site.  Thanks to Simon Ward and Shaun Symonds. All the  pictures that were through the site are on the 2009 Archive pages, including the photographs from the 2009 Nationals.!/pages/Cambridge-MAFVA/133003563389515?ref=ts see for yourselves!

See latest Cambridge Branch Newsletter.  Next meeting is 7th September ? ?Nosh Nite? social evening

New Essex Branch links - also new diary entries for Essex Show 14th August
Trucks 'N' Tracks is under new ownership.  See details on the show site.  Trevor Claringbold, having started the show and built it to the international reputation it has today, has sold it on: we hope he will now have more time to enjoy building his own models!  The MAFVA zone will remain.  
See additions and updates including: Midland Branch 2010 dates; new Tankette review and back issues update; more resources;

It is that time of the year to get rid of that loft insulation and bring your unwanted kits to the MAFVA Bring and Buy at the Nationals. 

Do you have old un-wanted and unloved kits cluttering up your loft/garage/study/spare room/wardrobe?

Want to turn them into cash for new kits? 

Then bring them to Duxford on 6 June 2010 and let MAFVA sell them for you. Two tables at the show have been set aside so that members can sell their unwanted kits. Just drop them off and let us do the selling. Call back at the end of the show and pick up any un-sold kits and your cash. No photographs to take, no wrapping and packing or trips to the post office to sell them via E Bay. Let MAFVA do the hard work. Just drop them off and then once you are ready to leave, come back and pocket the cash. MAFVA will deduct 10% of the value of the sold items and that will go towards helping to fund the show ? so not only are you helping yourself, you are also helping the Association. Contact by E mail for an application form and more details.

If interested please see attached information sheet and return completed Form to me ASAP. Please be aware that I will only be able to take kits on the day if you have completed and returned the Form to me before the 22 May. Grateful if you would distribute amongst your branch as you see fit.

Thanks and see you in June.

Tom Cole

All MAFVA members please note that Scale Military Modeller International have kindly offered MAFVA members 10% discount on subscriptions. Contact and quote your membership number.
Visit to see the style of the magazine, or pick one up in W.H. Smiths to peruse. You will note that MAFVA has its own page which allows us to have a voice in a commercial publication. Many thanks to SMMI for this very kind offer.


The Annual MAFVA UK National Competitions for 2010 will be at the Imperial War Museum Duxford on June 6.  This year will see an experimental change to an open style of competition with gold, silver and bronze awards.  This means there can be any number (or none) of these in any competition class at the judges? discretion.  Please note there will still be categories for MAFVA members only, and for modellers who are non-members.  The entry rules and competition classes will remain the same.   A list of model definitions is now available to ensure that entrants place their models in the correct class. This will enable competition entrants to check eligibility and avoid disqualification for incorrect entry.  Competition entrants will be given a ticket to accompany their models allowing a brief description of work done.  This will assist the judges in assessing the work.  Entry slips will be available shortly to be downloaded from the website. These can be completed in advance and brought in with the models on the day of the competition.

JH. 12/03/2010  (see amendments, under competition rules)

Take the MAFVA Challenge 

The Aerospace & Vehicle Club present their Annual Scale Model Show and Competition plus Junior Make & Take Sunday 5th September 2010 10.00am - 4.00pm at The Community Centre, Church Road, Wombourne, (Just off A449) Kindly sponsored by Mainly Military Models

MAFVA Nationals Great Bring and Buy Sale

Do you have old un-wanted and unloved kits cluttering up your loft/garage/study/spare room/wardrobe?

Want to turn them into cash for new kits? 

Then bring them to Duxford on 6 June 2010 and let MAFVA sell them for you.  Two tables at the show have been set aside so that members can sell their unwanted kits.  Just drop them off and let us do the selling.  Call back at the end of the show and pick up any un-sold kits and your cash.  No photographs to take, no wrapping and packing or trips to the post office to sell them via E Bay.  Let MAFVA do the hard work.  Just drop them off and then once you are ready to leave, come back and pocket the cash.  MAFVA will deduct 10% of the value of the sold items and that will go towards helping to fund the show ? so not only are you helping yourself, you are also helping the Association.  Contact by E mail for an application form and more details.

MICK BELL AUTHORS? PRIZE 2010 an early Churchill exhumed - good site for pictures
March 6th June, 2010 Nationals - please help with publicity: copy poster here 
April 17th, (not May as shown before - sorry) Poole Vikings Model Club Annual Show, Parkstone Grammar School, Sopers Lane, Poole, Dorset. Contact Sue Meadowcroft on 01202-535059 or 
M4A1 High Speed Tractor some pics of the real thing from Spike - new model stockist on the links page
Four more shows in the diary for June-July

Lots more in the diary page - including the Scottish Nationals

Tankette 44/6 review 
Save the Tiger 

the parts list/ manual for the M1 Abrahams

Glasgow Miniature Armour Group
January new pictures on the Tankette Page
5th June 2009. IPMS Salisbury  - see diary page for further information.
Date agreed for the 2010 Nationals - Sunday 6th June
2010 Happy New Year 
November 09
Tankette - review of issue 44/5 and update to back issues list
more in the diary, and a few more photographs

Help! Even though it is a long time since the site has moved I still occasionally come across lots of links to MAFVA in other modelling and similar sites which need to be updated.  I can't catch them all.  Please, anyone who is on other favourite sites, check MAFVA links and if they are out of date, tell the site editor, Bill Hanna at   Many thanks,  


Changes to Tankette

Following lengthy discussions by various members of the MAFVA membership relating to the Tankette A4 debate, a meeting was held to discuss the feasibility of going to an A4 Tankette after the positive feedback from the membership for the increased size. One of the major concerns has always been, could we afford to cover the extra cost involved. Gary & Heather Williams produced a financial statement which showed that MAFVA is in a good financial position at the meeting.

The discussions then centred on the feasibility of being able to produce an A4, 20 page Tankette with, initially, limited colour content. Being the Editor, my view was that the idea was do-able and would give the MAFVA members a better quality of magazine, with more scope towards the types of article being printed. This larger size would allow photographs to be reproduced larger allowing more detail of the subject to be seen. Also this would not limit to the types of vehicles plans in 1/35th scale that could be printed, which has been the case with the current half foolscap format has.

To necessitate these improvements to Tankette an increase in subscriptions will be required; however the gains far out weight the extra cost. Hopefully these changes will entice more people to join MAFVA. It is planned to start this new format with the next volume, number 44 which is due out in the New Year and the initial layouts are well in hand. Home



Accurate Armour have moved: 

24/7 on-line mail order and all our latest product news
Accurate Armour World-wide Mail Order

Units 6 & 7 Kelburn Business Park
Port Glasgow, Inverclyde
Scotland, PA14 6TD

TEL & FAX 44-(0)1475 743955


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Northern Home Counties Branch
The current South Herts Branch has become aware that some members who live relatively close in terms of travelling distance have not attended meetings because the name of the branch suggests a very close catchment area. In reality, the branch already has some members travelling from far afield, and we need to emphasise that the Herts branch covers a wide sweep including north London boroughs, Bucks, Milton Keynes, Luton and so on. For this reason we have changed to a more generic branch name.

White Ensign Colourcoats New Release.
It is ARB 03A Khaki Green No.3 for use on early/mid-war British and Commonwealth vehicles. This enamel paint was formulated with help from Mike Starmer and is available in the standard tinlet from White Ensign Models Ltd, South Farm, Snitton, Ludlow, SY8 3EZ. Tel: 0844 415 0914 e-mail  website 
Sunday August 17th 2008, Maryport MAFVA & Maryport Model Club will host their Annual Model Show at the Freemasons Hall, High Street, Maryport, Cumbria, 10.00hrs till 17.00hrs. For more info contact Mr. Trevor Austin on 0190081 daytime or Mr. Les Ward on 07732 013 136 between 19.00hrs and 21.00hrs.
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